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Section 4 Tournament Update

Hello Everyone.....just thought I would give you an update on the last section 4 tournament still going.


Unfortunately, the Lincoln 10-11 team gave up their first game against Woodcreek tonight. However, both are dirty and face off again at 5:30 at Pocket Little League. Work is challenging me, I will try to make the game but not sure. Lets all send em messages so they know we are rooting for them.


The manager is Mark Willis....he is doing an awesome job with the players.  His email is


So we sent 5 teams to Sections a 9-10, a 10-11, a major, junior and Senior team. As a district we currently stand 2-2 in Section Play!


Go Lincoln 10-11's!!

2015 D11 Major Sect 4 Champions

2015 D11 Senior Section 4 Champions



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District 11 was formed in 1991 by Bill Carter the first District Administrator. Our leagues (11) are located in Placer and Nevada Counties. Beginning in Rocklin and going up Highway 65 to Lincoln, Highway 80 to Colfax and from Auburn along Highway 49 to Nevada City and out to Foresthill.

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